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      Pit Type Furnaces : 

      Equipment Details- 
      Pin Type gas carburizing furnace 

      Features :
      - Controlled Atmosphere
      - PID Controller 
      - Auto Data Recorder 
      - Auto Process Controller 
      - Capacity - 500 Kg Net

 Sealed Quench Furnaces :
-  SCADA Auto Computer Controlled/ 
   Recording System
-  Hot oil Quenching with controlled   
   temperature and effective agitation
-  500 kg's Net Capacity
-  Oxygen Probe System

Silent Features :
- POKAYOKE's to avoid process failures
- Alarming system for any malfunction of the system
  during the process.
- Additional (Safety) thermo couples/controller/oxygen probes
- Each & every lot is pre heated for stress removal & to remove unwanted oil, 
  dust etc of the components.
- Power washing for final cleaning of the components
- CNC Vibro machine for aesthetic appearance.
- Step heating at 770o C for critical geometric components.
- Generator back up in case of power failure (Auto Start)
- Automatic Process control along with Data Recording

  Plating Plant :

   Features : 
   - Auto Controllers
   - Auto Data Recording
   - Consistency in Quality
   - Mass Production
   - Prototype Tank for fast development